Top 10 Best Pakistani Dramas of 2013- Popular Dramas

Pakistani Dramas are watched all over the world. There are many best Dramas every year on the famous entertainment channels of Pakistan like Geo Tv, Ary Entertainment, Geo Kahani, Express Entertainment and Hum TV. We have prepared the list of 10 Pakistani Dramas that are worth watching in 2013. These are the most popular pakistani dramas of 2013.


This is a simple story with a beautiful lead pair in Imraan Abbas, fresh from his stint in Bollywood, and new comer Sanam Jang who are sure to keep you in on a Saturday night. The story revolves around Sila, the only child of wealthy parents, who is in love with her cousin Adeel. Since his father’s death Adeel and his mother have lived off the charity of his Uncle and Sila’s father, a fact he is never allowed to forget. When a proposal comes from Sila’s Stepmother’s family, she rejects it and chooses Adeel as her life partner .Dil e Muztar Hum TV Drama 550x275 7 Pakistani Dramas You Should Watch This Spring (2013)
Sadly, the consequent recriminations and accusations from the family taint any feelings Adeel might form for Sila. So, though he marries her out of respect for his family and uncle, his heart is far from attached to his naïve young wife. Beautifully shot, with a slightly filmi touch this drama is the directorial debut of Shahzaad Kashmiri and the second serial of Writer Aliya Bukhari. It has all the glossy hall marks of a Momina Duraid production but its main recommendation is the lead pair, Imraan Abbas in particular lifts each episode out of the ordinary


Looking for funny yet intelligent comedy? Love your family but hate the awkward situations they land you in? This witty, realistic drama is for you. In any other drama the fact that one of the lead heroines is..ahem ..”29” would be cause for tears and other melodrama but in writer Samira Fazal’s world reasonable people just don’t do that. The story revolves around two very competitive sisters ,who are neither devil nor angel but like all of us a: little of both. When Bilal the supposedly ‘prime rishta’ from America chooses Natasha(Mira Sethi) over her sister Zaib(Amna Shaikh)the girl he had actually come to meet, it makes the already precarious relationship between the girls even more shaky.
VZSKpoY 7 Pakistani Dramas You Should Watch This Spring (2013)While Natasha is not sure whether she even likes Bilal , perhaps fate has something completely different in store for Zaib too. Also starring Adeel Hasan as Danyal’s elder brother Reyhan and directed by another debutant director Scheherazade Shaikh, this is an engrossing comedy of manners and full of smart one liners.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Most people are already watching this super hit serial starring Pakistan‘s very own superstar Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed. So much has been written about it but it is safe to say even joining it at episode 12 will not lesson your enjoyment.zindagi gulzar hai photo shoot 2 7 Pakistani Dramas You Should Watch This Spring (2013)It is the story of how two very different people, who used to fight in college but eventually meet again and marry.



If anyone is looking for something of substance, something which holds a mirror up to not only Pakistani society but the culture of its political system, this is for them .Based on several actual political figures and events, this serial stars Faysal Qureshi, Savera Nadeem and Nimra Bucha, with later appearances by Faizan Khawaja. The story is shot in the style of a dark, Bollywood style political thriller and should hold the viewers in rapt attention if it is anything like Director Amir Yusuf’s previous work in Ghaao.625629 467586429961979 1067423569 n 7 Pakistani Dramas You Should Watch This Spring (2013)
The story of a powerful man who manipulates every situation life throws at him to his own advantage This is a Mega serial from A&B production, written by Faiza Ifthikhar.

Main Manto:

Saadat Hassan Manto, the greatest Urdu short story writer of the last century is being brought to life in this original series about events in his life. Born in pre- partition Amritsar, Manto worked in Mumbai as a scriptwriter for the Bollywood in the 7 Pakistani Dramas You Should Watch This Spring (2013)
With Partition he decided to move with his family to Lahore where he had great difficulty finding work or maintaining his family. Prosecuted several times for indecency he became an alcoholic and due to its controversial nature, much of his work did not receive the recognition it deserved. It will be fascinating to see how Director Sarmad Khoosat handles this potentially provocative subject matter. Saba Qamar plays Nur Jehan and guest appearances are expected from Imran Abbas along with other famous faces. Of all the new upcoming dramas this seems to be the one with potential to cause  the most comment and instigate the most debate.


Written by Farhat Ishtiaq of Humsafar fame this serial is directed by Mehreen Jabbar , one of the most talented directors in Pakistan. The story concerns the difficult and painful subject of child brides, gender inequality and women’s empowerment. Such things are sad realities for many in the subcontinent and perhaps by concentrating the spotlight of the entertainment industry on this very serious issue,482289 10200379177218284 2068909504 n 7 Pakistani Dramas You Should Watch This Spring (2013)
some understanding can be achieved. Starring  Samina Peerzada, Maria Wasti and Nauman Ejaaz,this promises to be a hard but compelling look at this sad issue.

Aunn Zara:

On much lighter note, a family comedy from the team that brought you Aik Naeey Cinderella, based on Faiza ifthikhar’s novel Hissar e Mohubbat. Aunn, played by Osman Khaled Butt is the spoiled son of a large joint family who arranges his match to the lovely but equally spoiled Zara played by Maya Ali.
These two first marry, then make all the foolish mistakes of courtship afterwards is a fun filled journey to love. Directed by Haissem Hussain of Dastan and Durr e Shehewar this looks to be another interesting take on the romantic comedies we all love
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